The WinStar Casino Oklahoma City – Thackerville, Oklahoma!

WinStar Casino Oklahoma City is located at the corner of SW Fifth Avenue in mid-town. Situated between two high-rise apartment buildings, it was one of the original satellite hotels when it was built. In its early days it was a joint project of sorts between Continental Bank and Associates and WinStar. Today, despite its close proximity to the Ace Hotel and Casino, it has been transformed into an all new spectacular resort, offering everything from slots to video poker and billiards.

winstar casino oklahoma city

When you’re at WinStar Casino Oklahoma City, you’ll notice that it is very similar to the other resorts that are found in OKC. The two-story building features two stories with the second floor focusing on the actual casino floor where you can find over 100 tables, plus a number of gaming machines for those playing for fun. There are also numerous restaurants and bars inside which will provide patrons with a range of tempting foods and beverages.

The hotel offers many of the same amenities that the other resorts in Oklahoma City offer. The front desk offers complimentary upgrades upon entry, which includes a personal welcome from the front desk attendant. It’s within walking distance to several fine restaurants, bars and even a lovely golf course. A few steps from the front door, guests will find a spa where they can relieve their aching muscles before hitting the cards for a great night of luck.

The main attraction for WinStar Casino Oklahoma City is its large array of slots. Located on the second floor, there are more than 100 slots to choose from when playing at this facility. There are three pay line options which offer single dollars, sevens, or ten dollar bets depending upon which game you are playing. The best way to win is by hitting the smaller pay lines, since the larger pay lines have higher jackpots. You should be aware though that the lowest rates do not always mean the best quality when it comes to these slots.

The WinStar Resort is conveniently located near a large number of shopping malls and even the world famous Disney World. While here you may want to check out the “Famous Fictional Casino” as it is located right next to the resort. When visiting WinStar Casino Oklahoma City, you can even stop in at the Silver Springs Casino as well. Located just north of the front door of the WinStar Resort, this full-scale casino offers hundreds of slot machines and even video games for those who enjoy the thrill of slot machines.

The WinStar Resort is conveniently located close to the top notch Oklahoma City night spots such as The Cheesecake Factory, The Theatre, and The Corner Bar. With plenty to do and see within a thirty minute drive, you’re sure to spend many happy hours in the comfort of your new WinStar Casino Oklahoma City, Thackerville. With the option of staying at the famous WinStar Resort or signing up for their all inclusive packages, you are sure to have a fantastic time while in town. As one of the most celebrated resorts in the world, you will find that there is never a dull moment in sight!