WinStar Casino Hotels – Oklahoma Review

winstar casino hotels oklahoma

WinStar Casino Hotels – Oklahoma Review

The WinStar Casino Hotel is one of the finest casinos in Oklahoma City. This hotel is one that caters to those with a lot of money to spend. It is located a little over an hour from Oklahoma City. The entrance fee is usually around forty dollars, depending on what time of year it is and what kind of gaming you are going to be doing. There are a lot of different rooms that are available from suites to single bedrooms. There are also a number of different gambling games that one can choose from.

One of the most popular games that guests like to play at the WinStar Casino Hotel is roulette. There are four game tables in each of the four wings that are located on the premises. Each of these tables has been carefully laid out with felt boardwalk counters. There are a total of nine game tables in all.

In addition to the roulette table there are also a couple of slots that are available. These machines are operated by real cash and they can produce extra payouts. There are a couple of other varieties of gambling that one can enjoy as well.

Many of the other activities that are offered at this hotel include poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, slot machines, keno, and more. They also offer a live casino poker game from time to time. One can even purchase some wristbands at the front desk for use in purchasing goods and food from the gift shop. There are also many video games that customers can choose from. Some of these include video poker and video console.

Ok, so we know that this is a full service hotel with live entertainment and lots of gambling options. But did you know that they have a spa? Yes, this hotel also offers an eight hundred and fifty-three room that features a steam bath, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, and two televisions. They also have a day spa that will allow one to relax in style on days when they just don’t feel like doing anything. Included in this hotel’s services are a chopper bar, a lounge, a bar counter, and a kitchen.

The WinStar Resort Casino is located in Norman. It is one of the newest of its kind and is considered to be one of the finest casinos in Oklahoma. This is especially true since they recently added the Grand Strip and the Mall to their already stellar entertainment offerings. This casino hotel has won awards for their ability to provide guests with unbeatable gaming options and hospitality. They have also won awards for being the best kept secret in the state.